The essence of the FAQ is to answer all question related to our products and service in here.

Some of the following questions are often been asked by entrepreneurs and we will try to answer as briefly and as concise as possible:

Q:          Does my company really need a website?

Answer:          Yes, if you think critically it will need a website.

Q:           What is the cost involved?

Answer:          Highly affordable and depends on your line of business too

Q:          I already have a web page on someone else’s website. Why do I need two?

Answer:          Because of the need for having independent robust  business presence on the web you may need a full fledged website

Q:          I don’t sell merchandise on-line. Why would I need a web site?

Answer:          It will market your business globally by itself

Q:          I don’t even use a computer. I can’t maintain a web site.

Answer:          It can be managed for you for a little fee.


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